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First Hand Cream (50 ml)

Anti-wrinkles plumping hand care

Plumps the hands.

Reduces appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.



Thanks to its never-before-seen anti-aging formula, First Hand Cream restores volume and density within the hands, lifts skin and diminishes appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation marks.

This cream is suitable for women over 35 years that are looking to preserve their hands' youthful appearance and don't want their hands to give them away anymore!

How to use:

Apply the First Hand Cream in the cracks on the back of the hands. Lightly massage in a circular motion, from the wrist to the fingertips, until the cream is fully absorbed. Complete the massage by gently pulling each finger. Repeat as needed. 

An exceptional formula:

  • Bdellium Extract
  • Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin B3
  • Urban Advance Complex

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Gunjan Dalal
I like how it make my hands feel.

I like how it make hands feel nice and moisturized. The scent is very light and smells kinda like sunscreen. Little goes a long way for this hand crean which is nice. I've been use this for week and I still have alot of product left. I use this cream every night before bed, when my hands need the extra moisture or after I do my nails. This product works well on the cuticle for nails. I'm super glad I got this cream.

Dudley Crist
Smooth Hand Cream

This hand cream goes on nice and smooth! It’s the perfect thickness. It doesn’t have much scent, which I enjoy. The cream doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy and absorbs well. My hands are then smooth, and hydrated for hours!

Riya Gulati
I love the scent and how soft my skin it now

I adore this hand cream! The scent is a soft powder/rose it's delicate not overpowering and my hands look a feel younger and it's not greasy just a nice lotiony hand cream goes on easy and absorbs fast! And you don't have to use a lot to achieve nice healthy looking hands, it's great and it's well worth it's weight in gold to me.

Boyd Kijjoba
It’s okay

Has a very nice smell to it but isn’t too strong for the hands.Glides on like butter not watery at all.And I also really like the packaging it’s matte and isn’t slippery when your hands are wet.I really didn’t feel a big difference just a bit of a tingly feel.8/10 would recommend to a friend

Domenica Breitenberg
More of a serum-like, very thin lotion texture than a cream

Some of the pictures in the item listing and some of the words used in the description are very misleading. One of the pictures shows a swatch of a reasonably thick-looking white cream, another shows a similar-looking white cream on a model's hand. I'm guessing these are stock photos, because there is no way that is the same product that comes in this tube. What actually comes out of tube is more of a serum-like, very thin lotion that is a bit translucent with a slight beige-y/peachy tint. The item is listed as "Sampar Age Antidote First Hands Cream 1.7oz", but it is a big stretch to call this a cream. To me, it barely qualifies as a lotion, it's so thin. It would be more accurate to call it something like an "anti-aging hand treatment".That said, it does have a nice light feel on the skin, a mild fragrance, and it does contain some anti-aging ingredients such as niacinamide. I tend to have good results when using products containing niacinamide, so I will continue to use this and assume I will see some results over time (too soon to tell at this point). So while I would not call this a bad product, I'm only giving it 3 stars because 1.) the item description and photos are very misleading about what you are getting (the two photos showing white creams are straight up false advertising) and 2.) the product is overpriced, I've used similar products that cost far less.