H20 'Emergency' Mask ($10/ 1 miếng)

Mặt nạ dưỡng da với tinh chất hydrogel

Phục hồi độ ẩm tối ưu của da và cấp ẩm lên đến 120 tiếng.


Sứ mệnh:

Cấp ẩm cho làn da khô căn với Mặt Nạ H20 'Emergency' của SAMPAR!

Với công nghệ Urban Advance hiệu quả gấp 10 lần mặt nạ hydrogel thông thường, chiếc mặt nạ gồm 2 miếng ôm sát từng đường nét trên mặt giúp da mềm mại, cun cấp đầy đủ độ ẩm lên đến 120 tiếng, cải thiện độ sáng, phục hồi sự mịn màng và rạng rỡ của da chỉ sau 1 lần sử dụng.

Cách dùng:

Đắp mặt nạ lên mặt sau khi rửa sạch, tháo lớp giấy bảo vệ. Điều chỉnh cho mặt nạ vừa mặt, đắp trong vòng 20 đến 30 phút. Nhẹ nhàng tháo mặt nạ và mát xa để serum được thẩm thấu vào da.

Công thức đặc biết:

  • Caulerpa Extract, aka 'Green Caviar'
  • Urban Advance Complex

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Titilayo Tamunoemi
Nice mask

I love a sheet mask at the end of a long day. These have been nice additions to my collection. I never really know if they help but they help me destress.

Tope Oluwaseyi
Feels good on the skin, hydrating and moisturizing

First few ingredients of Sampar face mask is glycerin and niacinamide. These have serious moisturizer effect. 120 hrs is a bit of a stretch but it leaves the skin very soft. These masks come in two pieces for easy application. Great for an at home spa treatment as a part of skin care routine.

Krishna Bandi
Nice for a pampering session, but pretty pricey for basic results

The branding of this product was confusing - is this French or Korean skincare? I feel like both of those trends have different 'goals', with French being more pharma-oriented and Korean being more about elegance and multiple steps. These masks seem more luxe than typical cheapie ones (which are made from a cloth-like material and are usually drippy) as they have a more gel-like texture that sits heavily on the face. It's also a two-part mask, which would have made it easier to get a full-coverage fit, except for the fact that they do slide around due to the heaviness. The scent is pretty subtle and the results are similar to what you would get from most generic masks. For a pack of 3 masks, these are definitely on the pricey side, with basic to middling results - but they are fun for a little luxurious self-pampering session.

Archibald Batz
Moisturizing and relaxing

I ordered these moisturizing masks to combat winter dryness. They claim to restore the skin’s optimal hydration and suppleness for 120 hours; I’m not sure if it actually works for quite that long, but I definitely felt a difference and it felt nice.The masks are individually wrapped and came in a ziplock bag. Each mask is in two pieces, one for your upper face and one for your lower face. This was my first time using a mask in two parts like this, and it fit so much better to my face than typical masks. I like how this mask had a thin protective layer on one side and a thick protective layer on the other, which made it very easy to tell which side of the mask was supposed to go on your face. Unfortunately, the way that the mask came folded, the thin protective layer was basically already off and tangled in the mask. The thick layer was excellent and easy to take off. The mask held firm and I was able to walk around without any sliding.Overall, I really enjoyed this mask. I have sensitive skin but didn’t have any issues with this mask. It has a mild scent that is not overbearing. It was relaxing and left my skin soft and smooth. It’s on the pricy side so it won’t be a regular part of my routine, but it’s a nice splurge during the winter months that dry out your skin. It’s cruelty free, too!

Ikenna Ademayowa
Definitely added hydration to my skin

This mask is easy to apply and not as messy as some as it’s a gel type mask. The mask itself is comfortable to wear and remains in place without slipping off.My face looks and feels hydrated after each application and my skin is softer and smoother.I’m very happy with this facial mask and I would recommend to others.

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